The best places to stay

1. Jamaica

For me, the sea — the main criterion, but many seas. Warm sea in winter — very important, but such resorts too much. And in Jamaica there is no exotics, I like it a lot. You don't sell Ethnography, sell a little fake alien culture. There's just not their culture. All the resorts built by Europeans — on the European way. In addition, in Jamaica will not meet Commerce.

half of the hotel is intended for adults only. Despite the fact that I have a little daughter, I'm sure a real vacation adult can get only in the company of adults.

of Course, not necessary to go to nudist beaches, although really many hotels dressed only goes attendants. But this applies to all local devices — and recreation, and the space itself. There I remembered Lido in Venice — only in fundamentally different climatic conditions.

2. Crete

Maybe, Crete took second place due to the freshness of the experience. It's still a European resort. We lived in a boarding house, which was previously privately owned, there's far more going excavations of antiquities.

Greece is a very attractive ratio of sun and greenery. If you go in there, where a lot of sun, at the same time there is little greenery — as in Egypt. Or Vice versa: where there is a lot of greenery, not guaranteed good weather. In this sense, Crete very comfortable.

3. Maldives

the Maldives — this is the kind of picture that suddenly takes and comes alive. Holidays in the Maldives — it is relaxing to the eye. There is a feeling that all there pictures were drawn or removed from some posters.

After ten days in the Maldives, we had the feeling that we were in such a "real" Paradise that man cannot create. And somewhere on the tenth day we came upon a house in the centre of the island, which was called ‘a Museum of the island.  Went there and were blown away. It turns out that there was a ridge of rocks — rocky Islands, which after the war bought some guys poured down the sand, planted palm trees...

All this Paradise was completely artificial. He's just over 50 years has turned into a natural, organic space for relaxation. Another plus — in the Maldives, there is no trades, there is absolutely no one produces.

an Amazing feeling when fish you are not afraid, when you can swim with stingrays and small sharks for half an hour together playing in the water. The feeling of Paradise.

Maybe we were lucky — there were three Islands, one of them lived attendants. In fact, we generally saw no one. They arrived somewhere at 5 in the morning when everyone is still asleep, collecting fallen leaves and at 7 in the morning, before we open the eyes disappeared. And this feeling of loneliness is also amazing. Seems like a lot of people who you serve, and at the same time as if no...

4. Baden-Baden

Every third inhabitant of Baden-Baden millionaire. It is the only European ’nonmarine» resort, which I like. Firstly, there is an amazing water. I go here if I had a very hard month, if I'm exhausted. You come to Baden-Baden for two or three days and during this time, fully restored — thanks to the miraculous water.

secondly, the Russian presence. You see European city, the history of which is directly connected with the history of Russia. This also applies to the summer residences of our kings, and places where you can rent a room, where Dostoevsky lived. Here are all soaked in the atmosphere.

In Baden-Baden reigns absolute, undisturbed rest. Here's a fantastically luxurious Park, thermal baths, where you can in one day to recover for a long time ahead.

5. Venice

In Venice I travel often for work — at the Venice Biennale. But lately we after going for a few days stay in Lido. This is a very old resort, in this sense, there are a lot of inconveniences. But there are some small details that make a vacation a very pleasant: the audience, near Venice, in the evenings you can go to Giardini and relax into a more cultural setting.

On the beaches you can rent a small house 50 metres from the sea. It is very convenient. There is no traditional beaches. You came to the beach — you have your beach house, almost carried to the beach, many beach cafe, which pulls the old beautiful furniture. Very friendly atmosphere. The service is good that you feel on equal terms with a man who cooks you coffee. He's just younger: for example, a student, a friend of your son, who came to work for the summer.

and, of course, Venice itself — the city in which I usually forget who I am, and I do not want. I want that time lasted forever. There is such magic.

6. Turkey

Turkey — it's anti-Jamaica. But since I have a daughter of five and a half years in Turkey I enjoy how well my daughter. This is a country where the entire business is built on a family holiday, where everything is made for children. In Turkey you understand that everything here is created recently that just as well could be in the Crimea or in Sochi — thanks to the work of the people. But Turkey still magnificent nature, good sea. And if it weren't for me and my daughter were rating, Turkey she would get in the first place.

7. Goa

This resort could be the first and the second and eighth place. As in Jamaica, here pleases the absence of exotics... Sort of near India, Ceylon, the climate is the same, but exotics there. This former Portuguese colony is all built by Europeans for Europeans.

Goa — European resort in the subtropical climate zone. The climate here is wonderful: air and water temperature is the same everywhere diffused such serenity, these local people — almost angels, good-natured, open, naive...

However, unlike Jamaica, they live in poverty and so all the time you are trying to sell something. But the naivety with which they do it captivating. Like you say "tomorrow buy” — just to get rid of. And now this man comes and tomorrow, and tomorrow — after all, you said you will buy. And somewhere on the fifth day you suddenly discover that he's waiting for you. You said "at 8 in the morning"and he every morning at 8 am comes with its cheap goods.

And, of course, the audience in Goa younger — I like it too. It is a very inexpensive resort, so there gathers young people from all over the world. Many English, Dutch, Israelis. Now my family and I arrived in Goa on all winter. Take the house, and I come from time to time.

8. Egypt

I'd even said so, not Egypt and the Red sea. Because the best the rest — it sailing across the Red sea, scuba diving in this world aquarium.

in General, I enjoy scuba diving and underwater hunting. For me, the beauty of the red sea compensates for any inconvenience Egyptian resorts. Red sea — one of my favorite places.

9. Yalta

In Yalta I stay at the hotel ’Ariadne». It may be that she is there only good. In Yalta very short season — 2.5 or 3 months, but has its advantages.

Here all speak Russian, and nobody is surprised. Fishing: catch mullet — one of the greatest pleasures that anywhere except Yalta, no. Well, for me Yalta is good because it is close by where you can arrange meetings. I'm not coming here to relax with your family, but can occur in some company. If you need to discuss something important, we can retire from the world to go to Yalta for a couple of days. There my favorite places serving Sebastopol fried eel. Generally if the proper use of Yalta, you can get a great gastronomic pleasure — there the food is very tasty and always fresh.

10. Carpathians

I love to ski, but don't do it very well. I'm not an avid skier, I just like to get pleasure from driving. The Carpathians are good because they are gentle, — it is not of the Caucasian mountains, it does not require much effort. Carpathians is very democratic.

Before perestroika, when we couldn winter driving is on the sea, every winter I went to the Carpathians. Skiing, red wine, some kinds of tiny gostinichki in the mountains on 5—6 rooms. Endless disputes with the local population about whether Bandera bandit or a national hero...

by the Way, to fight never came — everyone knew that the question is theoretical, not practical. Generally up to 86-year Carpathians were a very important point on the map.